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Palantir unveiled a demo of their Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) for Defense

In April 2023, the tech giant Palantir unveiled a demo of their battle management software, the Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) for Defense, powered by a sophisticated large language model (LLM). This platform seamlessly integrates AI-driven chat interactions with impeccable intelligence gathering and querying capabilities. Additionally, it offers dynamic course of action generation tools tailored for military command decisions.

During the demonstration, the software alerts a military user about an approaching enemy formation. Through a chat interface, the user dispatches a drone to capture more detailed visuals, subsequently identifying an enemy T-80 battle tank. The user then prompts the platform to suggest multiple strategic responses. These suggestions are relayed to senior command for deeper scrutiny. From the choices presented in the chat interface, and leveraging extensive geo-spatial intelligence, the Palantir system charts the most effective strategy to confront the enemy. The commanding officer swiftly opts to neutralize the enemy’s communication channels to safeguard advancing allies. Impressively, the software can pinpoint and incapacitate the enemy’s communication hubs using available jamming devices. After a brief overview of the proposed operational strategy, orders are issued, the enemy’s communication channels are neutralized, and troops are directed to neutralize the enemy tank.

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